Agnes Karll and their ambitions – alot more relevant than ever


On March 25, 1868 Agnes Karll, founder of DBfK, born in Embsen Lüneburg. The capstone project ideas for nursing 150th anniversary of this essential believed leader and fighter for the nursing profession accepts the association as an opportunity to draw consideration to her life and operate. For their concerns and objectives have not lost any significance.

On March 25, the birthday of Agnes Karll 150th anniversary. The German Skilled Association of Nursing (DBfK) pays tribute to this day in many techniques, the memory retains its association founder and continues the occupation political commitment to the nursing profession in their favor. Agnes Karll has been a important thought leader of her time, she was women’s rights activist, passionate advocate and reformer of your German care. “Its merit is the step in the professionalization of the nursing profession, the method to independence and self-responsibility, the considerable emphasis around the technical competence of nurses and safe expert dangers. She was among the ladies who stood for an substantial education to the piercing of the “glass ceiling” for the takeover responsible tasks to enable, “explains Prof. Christel Bienstein, the President of DBfK.With entry into the nursing Agnes Karll knowledgeable as a 19-year-old, which was day-to-day for vocationally nurturing females late 19th century, the perform schedule up to 20 hours, barely Leisure, depending around the goodwill from the employer, at most a modest pocket funds, arbitrariness of supervisors, lack of social protection, lack of instruction.

Agnes Karll had to collect early international expertise. Together with the establishment of “professional organization of nurses in Germany” (BOKD) – forerunner of DBfK – in January 1903 in Berlin, they began to implement their vision of an independent nursing profession with defined job description, really good operating situations and regulated vocational education by way of to additional academic. That it spreads faced resistance and fight against fierce opposition, had to show her becoming recognized motto: “Per aspera ad astra – on rough trails towards the stars.”Agnes Karlls issues and objectives are unchanged to this day significant and timely. The nursing profession in Germany has nonetheless not accomplished the autonomy and significance within the wellness system that would be essential to take beneficial care for everybody who requires to make sure. The woman skilled care within this nation continues to be characterized by highly stressful working circumstances, low wages, the risk of occupational disease and poverty in old age and low autonomy and lack of co-decision on all levels of health care. And also the connection to international degree of care education is far from performed. That complain, especially in Germany experienced nursing within this context their circumstance, but then passively withdraw rather than actively and jointly to fight for improvements that could be a disappointment for this far-sighted and courageous lady.

In yesterday’s government statement, Chancellor Angela Merkel remained vague when it comes to care. All in nursing workers are, because they make a “contribution to humanity” for them “silent heroes of society.” That said towards the address with the complete federal government: this type of recognition just isn’t enough. The unsung heroes are burned out and worn out, they no longer possess the strength to be loud. Rather, they take place additional frequently – as silent – the retreat of their profession, the society desires a lot more urgent. Agnes Karlls appeal for the skilled nurses is now greater than ever: “Will the (experienced) nurses did not like his previously anvil, it should hurriedly begin to become hammer and to not take their destiny helplessly from the hands of other people, but themselves to design.”Around the occasion on the anniversary of DBfK has put together a comprehensive information and facts website around the life and perform of Agnes Karlls.

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