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Adobe Lightroom is a popular photo editing program for image colour correction, photo control, and basic photo editing of RAW and JPEG pictures. Editing also referred to as post production plays a significant role in photography. A favorite photographer once said,” A photograph is naked without editing”. Acknowledging that fact, let us talk just a little bit about Adobe Lightroom Presets. Lightroom Presets would be the ideal tool to save time when retouching your pictures and find fresh ways to refine fashion. Whether you are editing a new landscape image or would like to create exactly the same look across an whole editorial shoot, Lightroom Presets can help you produce new powerful images. Below we’ve listed 12 sites from where you can download free Adobe Lightroom Presets. Website’s That Provide Free Adobe Lightroom Presets 1. Hacking Photography Hacking photography has a total of 101 presets belonging to four different collections Flexible tone presets, Sun Flare presets, Custom Vignette Presets and Light leaks and movie burns presets. The soft tones presets creates gorgeous tones in your photos while leaving the edits ! The mild Leaks and Film burn off presets provides a good deal of character to your own photos. 2. Contrastly Are you really a lover of fully editable and elastic readymade complimentary presets? Prepare to receive your head blown! Contrastly contains 275+ free adobe lightroom presets that you download and use! I personally liked: Colourpop, Blogger Lightroom Presets is Aged Print, Autumn Road along with Vintage Presets. Why don’t you go pick your chosen from the collections?! 3. On1 — Photo Editing Software Now this site doesn’t provide you a whole great deal of presets but their products are some of the best in the business. This is one of the premium products that’s currently available at no cost. You can also install On1 plugin lightroom and get immediate access to all the presets. 4. Info Parrot InfoParrot has among the greatest Lightroom presets in the net with over 1600 lightroom presets along with 300 lightroom brushes. They have various collections made to operate with numerous styles! You’re able to achieve amazing effects effortlessly! Quit waiting and click the link above! 5. Envira Gallery Envira Gallery is another incredible one stop solution for all your Lightroom preset requirements. They have a vast variety of presets for weddings, baby, family, landscape, nature, meals, cars, Real estate and fashion photography! And it’s entirely free! 6. ShutterSweets ShutterSweets offers some of the greatest presets in the industry. A number of them are priced and a number are offered for free. It is all made to be quite professional. From split toning to atmospheric mood they’ve all sorts of presets to serve you nicely! 7. FreeLightroomPresets. Co There are numerous websites out there that gives free Lightroom presets but not Many are as good as the presets from FreeLightroomPresets

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