How To Make Money With Kindle Publishing On Amazon In 2019

hey this is stefan from and today i’m going to share with you how to make money with Kindle publishing on Amazon in 2018 and beyond and it’s been a while since I’ve done a video like this I know many of you’ve been asking me to do more videos on Kindle publishing and publishing books on Amazon and how to get started online and the reason why I wanted to put together this training for you guys is because I believe that for a lot of you that are watching this video right now that Kindle publishing is still one of the easiest and best ways for you to get started to build an online business and make money online with especially if you don’t have much tech skills like your relative newbie to online business internet marketing you’ve never done it before you’re starting from scratch this is a great business model to learn because it’s got a fairly fast learning curve compared to a lot of other businesses out there and then also it’s not as complex it’s a lot more simple and I’ll share with you guys a little bit more about that later it’s also great if you don’t have that much money to invest as well because I know many of you out there you don’t have that much money you’re looking to make money on the side and you don’t have that much money to start up and invest into your business great business for that and then also if you don’t have a lot of free time as I know many of you guys including myself when I started and have much money I didn’t have much I had some tech skills before I got started in this business but the time that I had available was just evenings and weekends and I know a lot of you are in that position and the reason why Kindle publishing is great is because you’re using a lot of leverage you’re leveraging Amazon the platform that has hundreds of millions of customers at your disposal to be able to publish your book on and be able to make money with once you understand their search engine their algorithms then you can tap into that and then also you’re leveraging yourself because you don’t have to write the books yourself you can if you want I’ve written many books myself before but if you want you can hire writers ghost writers to write the content for you and you can operate more as a publishing company where you’re the one that’s publishing the book that’s doing the marketing for it in the same way how you might also leverage yourself by hiring a graphic designer to design the cover for your book you can leverage a lot of those pieces and you can do it in a very inexpensive way so I’ll explain a lot of those things for you guys a little bit later on in this video many of you guys might know that I got started with Kindle publishing about 6 to 7 years ago a long time and I had done a lot of online business internet marketing and stuff before then but I didn’t really make much money doing it I was kind of largely dabbling around I was trying to be consistent with things and learn as much as I could and I made some money at different times sometimes I’d be go up other times they’d go down some times when last and it wasn’t until I got into Kindle publishing that I had my big break and it was the first time I ever made $100,000 in a year a six-figure income and for me that was a life-changing thing and you know throughout the last six or seven years I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs of you know really immersed myself in this as a business model and then learned how I could remove myself from it by building a team that can run it for me you know so today I’m not as active as I once was in terms of publishing books but I also work with a lot of publishers and one on one and my coaching my events and whatnot and I’m pretty hands-on still in that sense of knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t work and also I think a big mistake a lot of people make and I made this as well is initially when I was building my my publishing business I was utilizing a lot of tactics a lot of gimmicks a lot of things that were just short term solutions and I’ve had many books that stopped selling ups and downs that went through the this business model and to this day I still make a lot of money from the books that I’ve published years ago but it’s because of the mindset and the strategy that I’m now implemented and utilized that works today and will continue to work in the future and that’s what I want to focus on today is sharing that with you guys how this business model works because if you’re gonna put in the time your money your effort your energy into anything a business especially you want to make sure it’s not just to make some short-term money it’s not something that’s gonna make you money for the next few months and then die off because for a lot of us rebuilding this so that you can build a sustainable income so that you can quit your job you can depend on it full-time or that you have money that you could pay some of your bills with you can be able to invest or save some of that money you know that’s why you’re building it so you want to build it the right way and that’s what I focus on teaching today that’s what I teach and some of my key money mastery course is the strategies that I teach there they you know they’re gonna work today they’re gonna work tomorrow they’re gonna work six months from now a year from now five years from now as long as Amazon still remains as the number one book retailer in the world last time I checked Amazon is growing like this Jeff Bezos is now you know the richest man in the world and you know books and and ebooks aren’t going away so when you understand the right strategy then that’s what’s gonna allow you to consistently make money long term and that’s what I want for you and it is more work of course but I don’t want you to think that this is any sort of get rich quick or anything like that because any business anything of value that you’re gonna build in your life is gonna require hard work time and patience okay but with that being said I mean you build it the right way this can be a transformational income stream for you and also mention to you know when I first got started into trying to make money online and build an online business I remember you know seeing videos and you know articles and blog posts and whatnot of people are making millions of dollars online and I remember seeing that I was like wow that’s awesome it’s amazing that that’s even possible but there’s a part of me that that was kind of like intimidating to me you know it was like still kind of outside of my realm of possibility and I always knew that long term you know a long term years from now that I wanted to be able to make six figures and seven figures but when I first started many many of you can probably relate to this I didn’t really care about that just yet you know I just wanted to make an extra couple hundred bucks a month a couple thousand bucks a month you know for me that would change my life you know my one of my original goals at the time that I worked hard towards achieving was to make three hundred dollars a month online and for me that might not seem like a lot to some of you but for me at the time it was because that money could pay for some of my bills you know at the time I was living my friend’s futon in his living room in his couch and I had to us pain like 500 bucks a month to him just to live there and it was embarrassing for me you know I was single I was dating and whatnot it had friends over and I did be in this living room and have a little curtain that can separate gonna give me self some privacy and you know that extra 300 bucks is motivating for me because that amount of money can allow me to at least move out and live on my own you know or it can allow me to pay for my cell phone bill or help me maybe have a little bit more fun or whatever that is or save more invest more in my life or even invest more back in my business maybe even hiring a virtual assistant that could free up even more of my time so publishing is a great model where it’s not it’s a hard model to scale beyond six figures although I’ve seen people even go to a million dollars a year publishing books but it’s fairly hard to do that because it’s you’re selling you’d have to sell a lot of books because the books that you’re selling with more low ticket products you know they’re less than ten dollars usually right but is still remains one of the best ways I think for a lot of people that just want to make a couple of extra hunt but come couple extra hundred bucks a month or even a couple thousand dollars a month and I’ll share with you guys how you can do that you know in this video okay so let’s just dive right into it I’m gonna draw things out for you and I’m gonna make this as simple as possible for you guys as well okay oftentimes complexity is the enemy of execution the more complex we make things the less likely we are to actually implement it and take action with it so I want to simplify things there are more advanced strategies that I teach as well but let’s just make it as simple as possible and really this is what how any business works for that matter for the most part anything that you want to sell online so the first thing you have here is product okay which is your book that you’re gonna publish and let me just talk a little bit about this and how it works with Kindle publishing on Amazon and by the way I should mention if you don’t know what a Kindle is I actually got one right here this is my Kindle paperback this is known as an e-reader that can allow you to be able to buy books from on Amazon you download it direct to this device you can read from it I love it I actually prefer this more than paperback books so this is a it was a huge market for this and you know it’s just a great basically the you know people when they buy your books on Amazon they can buy it from their eReader but they can also buy it and read it from their phone they can buy from their tablet the computer or whatever that might be is so you know people don’t have to have a book in their house they don’t have to you know you know pay for shipping or anything like that so Kindle is something that’s been growing year after year and it’s a great opportunity for us to be able to publish books on something like this so that people can download and read them and I personally whenever I’d buy from my Kindle from Amazon I’m always binge buying I’m buying more than you know a few books at a time usually so I’ve got hundreds of books here on this Kindle that I’ve still yet to read so largely when people are buying books they’re not necessarily reading them all and you know initially and less some will maybe talk about the address a little bit later too but that’s what a Kindle is you’re gonna publish a book okay an e-book that’s gonna be available for sale on Amazon that people could buy on their device or from their computer or whatever that might be is and the important things that matter when you’re publishing a book on Amazon is first the niche or market that you’re publishing the book in so oftentimes a lot of people a big mistake they make in their business or even with publishing is they think they have this amazing idea that they want to write a book or they have this amazing idea for a product that everybody would love it and they spent all this time creating it and then when they finally put it out there they find that it just does not sell you know it’s very hard for them to make money from it and oftentimes it’s because they did things in the wrong way often what I do I made that same mistake myself when I started until I realized that I first had to identify new research on the market of what’s selling on Amazon okay what people are searching for cuz Amazon it’s a search engine it’s one of the biggest search engine in the world people go there they’re gonna type in a keyword right they might type in weight loss or it might type in meditation or they might type in the law of attraction or motivation or whatever that might be is I might type in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency well search for that and you know that’s how often a lot of people are buying books not unless they know a specific title of what that book is or the author or whatever that might be is so with that being said as a publisher you can’t try to reinvent the wheel or create a new market from scratch you’ve got to identify what people are searching for what’s hot what’s selling what’s making money there’s ways that you can research that and see how well certain books are selling and how well they’re doing as well as even looking at the bigger picture because you’re gonna want to get started with your online business on Amazon but you want to be able to grow beyond Amazon and that’s often a mistake a lot of people make is they just think about Kindle and Amazon they’re not thinking about the niche the market they want to be in that can allow them to do affiliate marketing to create other streams of income and build a brand around it so doing this research first and foremost is the most important thing you got to find the demand what are people searching for what is a what is a problem that your book can solve because often times people buy especially non-fiction books of which is what we’ll focus on mainly here with nonfiction people buy them to solve a specific problem or to gain a certain Bennett fit the rafter and your book has to meet the needs and the demands of the market okay so doing the proper research is very important because you could publish a book in a niche or market that there’s no demand for it and I don’t care how great you think your book is it can be an amazing and book but if you’re trying to market and sell it but nobody really wants it then you’re gonna have a hard time and Amazon is a unique marketplace that there’s gonna be certain topics that we’re gonna sell a lot better than than others and that’s why the research is always very very important okay so doing research is very very important once you’ve identified the nation market you can publish your book in then you want to think about what you can you know create your book on so oftentimes the way that Amazon works is it’s a search engine like I said and you got to optimize your book for specific keywords so someone searches for that then they can find your book so knowing the keywords is very important once you’ve identified that you’re gonna create the title and just really think about how you’re gonna position that book in that market if you can differentiate yourself from the other books out there as well that’s gonna be an advantage for you differentiating your book your product is important and there’s many ways you can do that you could differentiate based on how you position the book in the market could differentiate based on having more pages in your book more quality a book excuse me better cover that stands out more maybe a better title that offers different benefits and it solves a better a different problem or better than anything else maybe has more tips or more information that other books might have it could even be through the marketing by having more reviews than other books out there maybe it’s offering a bonus maybe offer a bonus audio or video that can go along with your book that no one else is really doing that you’re giving more value to your customer your potential customer than anyone else is or you know maybe even you’re standing out because you’re building a brand in that niche and you’re building a relationship with people and your marketing in other ways outside of Amazon that no one else is really marketing the book so you have a huge competitive it you’ve got to think a little bit about that before you’re publishing a book the more time that you prep and prepare for that the more of an advantage that you’re going to have so you know the title very important and then as well as the quality of the book now when it comes to creating the book it’s something that you again you could write it yourself I’ve written many books that I’ve put out there before I’ve even now also had books created based on transcripts so I’ve done a lot of videos and even audios throughout my years and one strategy for creating books is I realize I’ve got a lot of great content that I’m sharing with people that I could then repackage and publish as books that can sell on Amazon and I get them transcribed and then have an editor that can kind of make it more readable for people and I could publish books that way another way that you can also do it is by hiring ghost writers so ghost writers are very common in the publishing world a lot of books that you might see out there that you might buy it might be a book by Elon Musk or from even Donald Trump they’re not actually sitting there and writing their own books they have ghost writers that are writing the books for them you could also even hire writers just to pay them to be able to to create a book on a specific topic for you they can do all the research for it they have the level of expertise that you might not be able to have and they can write a book for you that’s quality that’s gonna add value to people that you could then own the rights to and be able to publish on Amazon or do what you will with it in the same way how you might even hire a writer to you know write content for your blog right it’s the same sort of thing or you might hire a graphic designer to design a cover for you or images or banners for you or you might hire a web designer to design a website for you you’re basically paying them to create something for you then you own the rights to it so it’s a similar process that you can do and I mentioned quality is important your book has to be something that was someone reads it they’re gonna be better off for it and it’s gonna ideally yield a positive review that when someone consumes the book they enjoy they’re gonna leave positive review on Amazon and I believe that you know oftentimes I work with a lot of writers or publishers that can be a perfectionist I’m not sure if you can relate and I always kind of hate that word because the way that you actually perfect something is you do it you put it out there and then you get feedback on it and you consistently make it better and better and better that’s how you perfect something and I think a lot of people they wait to put something out there and I how different strategy is to help people avoid that so that they can get a product out there get feedback sell it make money and make it better as they go so I believe that quality is something that evolves over time just like this iPhone 10 here was not you know the original iPhone they have constantly made it better and better and better throughout the years and you should do that with any product any book that you might publish or put out there as well okay so it’s gotta be quality and this is something like I said you gonna publish you’re gonna self publish yourself on Amazon so once you have also mentioned the cover to which is important cover has to stand out when people see it they have to think I want that okay cover is very important that in terms of getting people’s attention because a lot of people don’t buy books based on the cover so that is something you can outsource you can outsource it inexpensively you can go to websites like Fiverr comm and hire someone to create a cover for you for five or ten dollars and you know I usually when I order something from Fiverr like a cover I’ll order from a few different sellers just so that I can get some variety you know I want to see I want to compare a few I might hire five different people and spend fifty bucks right and get five different covers and then I can kind of pick the one that I like the best and or I can even test them that’s a great thing about an e-book like this is that you can actually test different covers and you could publish one book what has one cover for a week or two and see how it sells and then you can republish it with a different cover and see if that makes a difference to the sales in any way there’s a lot of cool strategies like that that you can do when it’s an e-book versus a paperback book but once you have all this your ready to publish it and you’re gonna set up a Kindle direct publishing account KDP for short this is the platform that you can use it’s free you sign up for it and you put in the details like the title the description and the keywords the cover you upload the book file you make sure the book of course is formatted properly for Kindle and you set the price that you want to sell it at there’s different royalty options that Amazon has and then you publish the book and a great thing about this type of business is that it’s really relatively quick I mean once you hit the publish button your book will be live on Amazon available for sale within 24 to 48 hours so that’s pretty pretty remarkable compared to a lot of other businesses where I can take months just to be able to launch a product on Amazon or on a certain platform now this is just the basics of this and there’s obviously a lot more that can go to different strategies but again I want to simplify it okay these are the main things that you need now once you have your book and it’s published they’re on Amazon it’s available for sale and when someone buys it that’s money that you know your Amazon will pay you a royalty from that up to 70% royalty on that book and you can set it up so that money gets direct deposited into your bank account they pay out every every 30 1932 90 days but anyways once you have that it’s not enough just to have a book up there on Amazon you have to promote it you have to market it and this is what a lot of people forget they think that Amazon is just going to do everything for them and you can understand they will do a lot for you but it’s up to you to still promote and sell your book and if you get traction on Amazon that’s where you can get a huge compounding effect where Amazon will promote your book for you and they’ll rank it high up in their search results they’ll recommend the book to other customers of theirs and they can really take off and that’s how it can really blow up for you and you can really make a lot of money from it so as important as the book is the marketing is just as important if not more important so that’s the next piece here guys Marketing and this is what you really have to become a specialist in cuz this is what’s gonna allow you to really be able to make a significant amount of money online there’s a lot of books out there that are great books that nobody knows about nobody buys them because a lot of authors unfortunately are really bad marketers they’re very skilled at maybe writing but they have no idea how to market and that’s where you come in that’s why this is one of the most important skills that will allow you to make money but also this skill that you learn here is transferable to any other business that you’re gonna start and that’s why this is a great business model because the marketing skills you learn can help you make money with affiliate marketing can help you make money with physical product on Amazon can help you make money with drone courses products services whatever it is that you want to sell online so this is what you really have to learn so once you have your book okay and it’s optimized for a keyword it’s not gonna rank in Amazon and it’s not gonna really make you money no one’s gonna find it unless you market it okay now when it comes to marketing there’s a million ways that you can market online first way you’re gonna want to utilize is Amazon because your book is published on Amazon and Amazon there’s really two ways you can market your product on Amazon one is through Amazon search ok the search engine so that’s identifying the right keywords that you can rank your product for that also have high demand and when it comes to that of course you want to think about competition and whatnot certain keywords would be less competitive than others but for the most part you know if you do a good better job marketing in other ways you can outrank a lot of the competition fairly fairly easily because a lot of the books on Amazon they’re not really marketing outside of Amazon okay that’s why this gives you a huge advantage when you know how to market outside of Amazon so search is one way but that’s something that usually takes time to build up not unless you just pick a really amazing keyword without much competition which is fairly hard to deal next is PPC which is pay-per-click advertising that’s on Amazon’s platform they have sponsored ads so you can actually pay Amazon and have your Amazon listing your book show up on other people’s book listings or other parts of Amazon and even in the search and when someone clicks on the ad Amazon charges you for that but that’s a way that you can get some traffic some traffic to your Amazon listing to sell your book and get sales that way too so that does cost money it’s going to cut into your profit margins for it but it’s a great way even just to get a boost because the more sales that you get more sales velocity then then better your books gonna rank on Amazon in the search as well okay now with this this is what most people do okay everyone else is doing that so it’s fairly hard to stand out from everyone else if you’re just doing this like everyone else the way that you really blow up your Amazon business and build a sustainable business is you mark it outside of Amazon because that’s what Amazon wants Amazon wants you to go out there and build Amazon they want you to promote on Facebook on your blog on you know other ways out there so that you’re sending more customers to Amazon that Amazon didn’t have before and Amazon could build their business and if you can do that Amazon will reward you for that and they will rank you a lot better for that too and that’s how you turn it into a sustainable long term business because it’s not just based on Amazon because Amazon will fluctuate and Amazon will change things that will be outside of your control but if you diversify your streams of traffic you have an advantage it’s not going to matter as much when these little changes occur in rankings and whatnot so when it comes to marketing outside of Amazon of course there’s Facebook Facebook there’s many strategies there’s having a fan page in the niche that you’re in it could also be a Facebook group or it could even be ads you can run ads on Facebook and oftentimes when you’re running ads do pay per click advertising you usually want to build an email list first because the email list allows you to email the people that up that opt-in to be able to sell your book to them send more excuse me as well as build a relationship with people too so oftentimes a lot of people they might not buy from you initially when you run ads because they don’t know who you are right they have no idea who you are and it’s it’s just like dating or when you meet someone in person they don’t know who you are you can’t go for a close or a sale right away sometimes you’re gonna build that trust that relationship get to know them a little bit more you know send them more content and build that up and then it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to be able to sell I often think about when it comes to traffic there’s three different types there’s cold traffic warm traffic and hot traffic cold traffic is they don’t even know who you are warm is when they they now know who you are they they know your name they know a little bit about yourself and then hot is when they’re they’re really engaged with you there’s a high level of trust high level relationship and it’s gonna be a lot easier to sell or promote something when you have that relationship versus when they don’t know you at all so that’s why you want to build that relationship with people online that’s what’s gonna allow you to succeed long term because that’s something that it’s not easy to build up it does take time investing just like you know if you and I are friends we have to build a relationship to build that friendship we would have to invest in one another I have to invest spending time with you I got them investigating to know you having conversation with you and vice versa and through that friendship that relationship it builds trust and it’s the same thing online and by having an email list and even social media is building that relationship investing into it by creating content and sharing getting to know them etc that builds that trust that makes it so much easier to sell your products and that’s a huge advantage that you can have over everyone else so Facebook is powerful of course there’s Instagram there’s Twitter there’s you know LinkedIn there’s YouTube you know there’s a blog which is a great way of promoting because if you have a blog and you’re creating content you’re publishing on that blog and people you know can find it in the search engines because search engine optimization is really powerful if you can rank in Google then people consume the content they’re gonna want to have more from you you know they’re like wow this is a great article great blog post how can I get more from this person and then you have a book that’s for sale than a lot of people they can click through and be able to buy that book so SEO is very powerful blog and you know even press releases there’s there’s so many ways that you can market online and you know when it comes to building your business all you got to do is pick one or two first and learn it master it you know build up your Facebook fan page learn how Facebook works start creating content for it and then you’re gonna find while I’m creating content for Facebook I can also publish this on Instagram I can publish this on Twitter you know maybe I’m gonna have to start printing blog posts and articles and you just learn one or two things at a time you build it up and then eventually you can outsource it you can get someone to help you with that too and then that that way you know you’re building a brand you’re building a business you’re building something that’s going to attract people to you that you can then funnel and to sell your book or get people on your email list and build that relationship with them even further okay you definitely got to build a list email marketing is very powerful okay and there’s many many different ways so this here is what everyone should do and everyone is doing but this is what very few publishers are doing and the goal of this is to look at the bigger picture okay you’re gonna start by publishing a book and once you start making money with it you can publish more than one book a few books if you want scale that up but really what’s going to make this into a larger business and something that’s the most scalable is doing all of this here and looking at this as just a small piece of the big picture that big picture is building a brand okay building a brand and the brand’s when you would do this there’s many other ways you can make money from this this is just one aspect of it but your brand can allow you to do affiliate marketing which is when you promote other people’s products and you earn a commission from it because if you build your email list you can you know you’ve got a relationship with people you can also promote other products or books to your blog your YouTube your Twitter Instagram Facebook etc and that will serve your audience so it’ll benefit them and you can earn a commission if they buy that from you you could even create your own courses if you want you can even create a physical product that you can sell on Amazon through Amazon FBA or Shopify or even drop shipping right there’s many different ways you can do it you know maybe you want to have your own events maybe coaching maybe services if you want to have ads that are being run that you can you know use to promote with many different ways of doing it and that’s what I’ve been able to build with project life mastery because when I first started I published some self development books on Amazon made money from it but then I expanded I built project life mastery the brand and I started building all of this okay that allowed me to then promote my book but also promote my brands and then also promote products that I benefited from that I wanted to share that I was passionate about – eventually creating my own courses – selling physical products – doing everything that you see here and when you build that you’re leveraging everything to fit with one another and it’s because I built everything together as one business rather than separate businesses and that’s a big mistake that I see a lot of people make they’re trying to build all these separate books and different niches and different directions instead of aligning all that to build towards one goal okay so that’s the key that’s the strategy that will work long-term okay is actually you know marketing and all these different you have a diversified story about what I call a Parthenon of different pillars that are supporting your business so it’s not like a one legged stool that falls over when one change occurs this is what can allow you to make long-term income and many different income streams as well from that too and that’s why Kindle publishing can be like the Gateway it’s like the gateway business that can lead into a lot of other businesses as well and you know I know a lot of people even myself I was kind of doing project life mastery affiliate marketing while I was also doing my books too so I kind of did both together and you can do that they fit together in a great way because you know the more you build up your brand you can more you can also funnel that into your books and then also the books that you have you’re getting traffic from that that you can use to build your email list to make money with affiliate marketing so great way to make money online if you guys want to learn more the book Kindle publishing the how-to of this then check out my K money mastery course at K money mastery com I’ll have a link below this video for you guys to click on and then also you know if you want to learn more about different online business models then I’ve got a free course that goes more into publishing as well as different ones out there too and you know the business model that you start with is gonna depend on a lot of factors how much money you have to get started how much time you have how quickly you want to see money coming back to your business how much patience that you have maybe you know what your passion is and what your skills are that you might already have you already have experience there might be different business models for you to pursue as well so I’ll link below to my course of a free course as well that you guys can learn a little bit more about that too so listen I want to thank you guys so much for watching today hopefully this was helpful for you if you guys want to see more videos like this on publishing on Amazon let me know your guys’s feedback means a lot and you know just giving me ideas on different topics so you want me to do videos on is helpful for me as well but if you guys enjoyed this hit the thumbs up leave a comment below subscribe to more videos like this check out K money mastery and I’ll talk to you guys again soon take care you

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